Full Name
Marietta Echeverria
Job Title
Acting Director Registration Division
Speaker Bio
Marietta Echeverria currently serves as the acting director of the Registration Division and is responsible for managing the registration program for all conventional pesticides to be used in the U.S., including the registration of new active ingredients and products, establishing pesticide tolerances, exemptions for states to control emergency pest issues, and other regulatory actions. Prior to joining RD in July of 2020, Marietta served as the division director for the Environmental Fate and Effects Division where she oversaw the development of ecological risk assessments, assessments of drinking water in support of human health risk assessment, and endangered species assessments for conventional pesticide registration and registration review programs.

Marietta started her federal service with EPA in 2002 as an environmental fate assessor in EFED and has served in various roles including a risk assessment process leader and branch chief in EFED and a branch chief in RD. Prior to joining EPA, Marietta conducted research in soil science at the University of Georgia’s Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources. Marietta received a Bachelor of Science in chemistry from Brown University and an Master of Science in environmental geochemistry from the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Marietta lives in Silver Spring with her husband Colter and her four children, Max (15), Luke (13), Addie (11) and Ruby (9).
Marietta Echeverria